You Can Use This Website To Send Your Enemies (And Friends) Something So Gross

You wish you’d great means to get back at someone? Perhaps there”s someone who slighted you or annoyed you. Perhaps you only want there was an anonymous method to let someone know what a crappy individual they’re. Well, have I got some great news for you. is a completely new web site that does something really exceptional for its customers. Through this service, customers can pay for cartons of poop to be sent to individuals they don”t like.

This. Is. Real. is revolutionizing how people are told they’re disliked – simply pay the fee and supply guidance, and your worst opponents will have poop put on their doorsill. is revolutionizing how people are told they are disliked - just pay the fee and provide directions, and your worst enemies will have poop placed on their doorstep.

Now you might be thinking, “They can”t use actual poop, right?” Incorrect. This site uses authentic animal poop. Because they care.

Now you might be thinking, "They can

You may also pick out which creature”s fecal matter you’d like to send to people you despise. You need some pig poop sent to your unsuspecting foes? You got it!

You can even pick out which animal

Don”t worry, you won”t get your hands dirty in the procedure. ensures the anonymity of its customers through using crypto currencies.


This is the best holiday present for the tons of individuals you can”t stand!

This is the perfect holiday gift for the multitudes of people you can


Now that something such as this exists, you definitely don”t need to be on anyone”s “shit list.”

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