This Is Why Your McDonald’s Meal Looks Nothing Like It Does In Adverts

McDonald’s are constantly coming out with completely new products, whether it’s a new design of breakfast or hamburger McMuffin. No matter what it’s in the adverts, whether on TV or in print, the food seems close to perfect.

So why is it that when you purchase the food, it never seems anything like what it does in the advertisements?

McDonald’s is a really popular fast-food restaurant and they serve millions of individuals daily. Unfortunately this means there’sn’t a great deal of time to make the food look picture perfect.

The food that appears in the adverts yet, seems the way it does because it’s been for hours in the studio. Seems weird correct?

In the video below, it reveals the entire procedure from assembling a hamburger to the final edit prepared to proceed on display to advertise.

See below to find the procedure in full

The hamburger goes through a really long procedure considering it’s a hamburger, but it’s what’s needed to create the ad you see plastered on your TV and on billboards.

Below is the comparison of the type of hamburger you’d pick up in store, alongside the one you will see advertised.


It’s rather a difference, but at least you understand now that it’s not the workers error the hamburger doesn’t seem as great in store.

You’d need to wait several hours to get a hamburger like that.

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