You Won’t Believe These 31 Photos Actually Got Captured. Photo #3 is Priceless!

We are a more connected world than ever before thanks to the prevalence of social media in our day to day lives. Nowadays people are racing to capture the craziest images on their phones so that they can share them for quick and viral fame. These images can show stunning events in real time, such as the ongoing Civil War in Syria while other images can show giant fluffy cats running in slow motion. This dichotomy in image style inspired us to pull together 30 of the most incredible photos that just so happened to capture some of life’s craziest moments. After looking into the back story for #4 we couldn’t help but shake our head in wonder. Enjoy!

31. The Great Cover Up


Whoever said that the newspaper just had unrelated and dull narratives facts? If you don’t believe us, have a look at this absolutely timed photograph. The woman reading the paper appears to be so wrapped up in the post that she didn’t even discover the man across from her was taking her photo. There’s no denying that this perfectly timed photograph is pure gold, and we’re sure the newspaper article was rather the read also. We suppose the only hint to take away from this one is: be weary of the cover picture!

30. Lightning at the Statue of Liberty

Did you know that lightning strikes the planet at a rate of nearly 100 strikes per second? If you have a camera and a nice angle near something tall, such as the Statue of Liberty, you can capture your own incredible photograph much like this one. Set up your camera’s shutter speed in order to take multiple images at once and you’ll no doubt land something magical.

29. Yoga and the Ocean

We’ve read that the practicing of yoga is supposed to make you more in tune with both your spirit and nature around you, but this is a little ridiculous. This amazing shot showcases a woman practicing the prayer pose on the beach, against a bank of sand, with a wave engulfing her. Make sure that your camera is waterproof if you decide to take on this style of photography.

28. Orange Tabby Love

What makes this photograph particularly awesome is just how unaware cats are of their own tails. Research has shown that cats let their tail exist on ‘auto pilot’ until they are struck with an urge to display behavioral changes such as fear, anger, or attraction. Scientists have compared the feline tail to how we breath: subconsciously and without much thought at all.

27. Not So Domesticated Goat

You can put a collar on anything with a neck but that doesn’t mean it will be domesticated.  Goats are beloved as pets due to how unique their individual personalties can be. While we’re sure that this fluffy little goat is docile the majority of the time, it definitely isn’t the case in this situation.

26. Please, not Dodgeball

We can practically hear the squeaking of sneakers on the basketball court and the loud snickering of the jocks picking their dodgeball partners. This photo hits home in a bunch of different ways.

25. Golden Retriever, Golden Yawn

The Golden Retriever is one of the most popular breeds of dog in the United States and for good reason. Goldens are great family pets thanks to their amicable demeanor, love of kids, and fierce loyalty. Here we see a Golden captured in time, framed by a photo of his forebear on the wall.

24. Mentos and Coke

Little Timmy learned a powerful lesson about mixing Mentos and Cola together. Timmy’s father learned an even more powerful lesson: don’t do science experiments with the children, at least not while mom is home.

23. America’s Pastime

The next time you want to heckle a baseball player for having a bad game you need to remember why you are on the other side of the fence. Mr. Green Shirt here sure got a reminder that great hand-eye coordination isn’t a given. Keep your eyes on the ball, but not like this.

22. Superman

There are a number of things going wrong in this image but the one we can’t help but notice is this: a lack of protective gear. If you’re taking a ramp on pavement, going downhill, at least wear a helmet. At best this BMX daredevil might have gotten away with a concussion while shedding an entire layer of skin from his arms.

21. Can’t Stop a Yawn

You can have all the discipline in the world drilled into your head at boot camp but you’ll never be able to stop a yawn when it wants to make an appearance.

20. Smile for the Camera

It was in this moment that Tiffany realized two very important things. First off, there wasn’t a Snapchat filter in existence that could fix this image. Second, she had better stop letting Mr. Barkey eat off of her plate at lunch.

19. Still Real to Me

You can take Santa away from me but you will never take wrestling. Here we have a friendly conversation between two divas being interrupted by a cannon kick from a third. They probably have some sort of beef with one another because this aint common workplace behavior.

18.  Goal!

We are just going to assume that the girl in this picture isn’t head butting a soccer ball at light speed.  Instead what we have here is a future black eye and a brother who is about to get grounded. Still, amazing aim and stellar shutter skills make this a photo to be applauded.

17.  Beast of the Deep

If you are as afraid of sharks as us then you might have just gotten instant, full bodied chills. Sharks are remnants from an older time and seeing these creatures in their natural habitat is a reminder of our place in the food chain. Look at those soulless eyes and fierce, prehistoric teeth.

16. Majestic Wolves

National Geographic may call wolves some of the most majestic creatures of nature but this photo runs the chance of ruining their reputation. There is something absolutely wonderful about seeing a finely tuned hunting machine completely biff it in the mud. We like to imagine that the wolf was chasing a cartoon mouse who just narrowly scurried back into its hole.

15. What Have We Done

What started out as a cute family photo on the beach ended in what could only be described as ‘disaster’. Here we see little Jordan taking a header straight for the sand while the father can merely smile in trepidation. This won’t end well.

14. Surprise Kitty Shower

Kittens are the cutest creatures on the planet but they are also little jerks. We feel oddly conflicted about this photograph.

13. Family Reunion Gone Wrong

Now, we’re pretty sure that Aunt Marge isn’t doing an Undertaker out of the water. We’re also pretty sure that Marge isn’t dressed for swimming, either.

12. Hang 10

What we have here are two beautiful women heading to the beach to surf and one guy in a truck determined to ruin their day. At least it’s a nice truck?

11. Attracted to Books

When Katie wrote that she “really liked books” on her Tinder profile, this isn’t what she meant. Still, we guess you gotta give him points for trying — right?

10. Clouds of Birds

Some people like to lean back and make shapes out of the clouds on a nice day. Personally, we like to make shapes out of the birds that tend to fly over our heads. Here we see a dolphin expelling ‘water’ from his blowhole.

9. Future LeBron James

Sometimes you’ll see a kid pick up their first basketball or football and instantly show some innate set of skills. Here, we see a kid that probably won’t ever willingly play basketball again.

8. Forearms of Steel

We aren’t ashamed to admit that we are totally admiring the massive forearms on this guy. Oh, yeah, and good job saving your kid from getting beaten with a flying bat.

7. Wake Boarding Champion

Wake Boarding is one of those extreme activities that can look really cool on television while being completely, devastatingly, difficult in reality. See: Exhibit 7.

6. Gonna Eat That?

When we go out to eat and someone starts picking food off of our plate we tend to get a little annoyed. In this situation, however, the Grizzly can have whatever it wants. Grizzlies have one of the strongest mammalian bites in the world, so you better steer clear of their mouth.

5. Uhm, Run

Either this is a great example of forced perspective photography or someone just got drowned. Either way, if we were in her flip flops we would make sure to keep a nice distance between us and these Poseidon generated waves.

4. Sonic Boom Science

Chuck Yeager was the fist person ever to break the sound barrier, way back in 1947. Here we see an actual visible representation of the sonic boom that follows such speeds. Science, yeah!

3. When You Gotta Go

We aren’t quite sure who the real villain is in this photograph. Do we blame the dog for doing what comes natural? Do we blame the photographer for not warning this oblivious (and soon to be drenched) sun bather?

2.  Bird Whisperer

With patience and a nice camera you can capture stunning photos like this. Not us though, we’re still working on getting our cat to recognize its name.

1. His First Rodeo

Watching a seasoned cowboy try to tame a raging Bronco can be a ton of fun. Conversely, watching a completely green cowboy get thrown from his horse can also be quite enjoyable.

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