17+ Ridiculously Huge Mansions Of NFL Players

NFL players are some of the highest paid athletes in the world. Being the most popular sport in the United States it’s easy to believe that these professional football players earn an average of $20 million from the game alone, not to mention endorsements and other kickbacks. We’ve put together a list of the 34 nicest mansions owned by these players. You’ll be amazed by the shear beauty of these properties…some with private lakes, Olympic sized swimming pools, waterslides and even golf courses. No real surprises who owns Number 1, but the property will blow your mind.

34. Brandon Marshall – New York Jets


Brandon Marshall is well known as one of the best NFL players to ever lace up a pair of cleats and his home reflects that value. Beautifully positioned in Southwest Ranches, Florida this 11,000 square foot mansion is worth over $5 million. The two and a half acres of private land showcases a private movie theater, a full size basketball court, and even a stable for horses.

33. Tony Romo – Dallas Cowboys


Tony Romo may cop a ton of harassment from the everyday NFL fan but Cowboy supporters know just how much he means to the team. Romo’s palatial custom mansion is located right in the heart of Dallas, Texas. This mega home showcases 32 thousand square feet of land, six bedrooms and an enormous swimming pool.

32. Patrick Peterson – Arizona Cardinals


Patrick Peterson’s mansion has a price tag of over $1.5 million and covers 8,300 square feet. It includes a private theater, a guest house for the house keeper…or in-laws, and even an elegant waterfall feature on the property.

31. Peyton Manning – Retired


Located in Colorado on 3 acres of land Peyton’s Georgian style home is valued at over $5 million. The picture perfect home includes high-end features and finishes throughout, such as large open foyer, a main floor Master Suite with 2 walk in closets, formal living room, private den, rec room, private sitting area, an open gourmet kitchen that leads into the family room, and the list, as you can imagine, goes on!

30. Rob Gronkowski – New England Patriots


Rob Gronkowski is respected for having one of the NFL’s most athletic and admirable bodies and his mansion is just as nice. Located in Tampa, Florida and valued at $2.7 million, this luxury home hosts everything a party animal would need. Though modest from the outside this home is 4,000 square feet and even has an elevator.

29. Antonio Gates – San Diego Chargers


Once featured on an episode of Bravo’s “Million Dollar Listing” Antonio Gates definitely got his money’s worth with this $1.8 million modern house in the Hollywood Hills.

28. Kurt Warner – Retired


Finishing an amazing career in strong fashion with the Arizona Cardinals, Kurt Warner eased into retirement in just as much style. His amazing home located in Arizona is valued at over $5 million and is an entertainers paradise.

27. Richard Sherman – Seattle SeaHawks

Richard Sherman’s play in Seattle really gave ‘cornerbacks’ a good name and his pay packet is just as impressive as his performance. Sherman owns a $2.5 million home just outside of Seattle, Washington featuring a full sized basketball court in the front yard and an indoor swimming pool.

26. Jared Allen – Carolina Panthers


Formerly owned by Yankee slugger Aaron Boone, Jared Allen is the proud owner of a $4 million Arizona mansion. Located in Scottsdale this magnificent home features marble furnishings, tall banisters and giant windows that overlook the well manicured garden…rather relaxing to come home to.

25. Marshawn Lynch – Retired


Nowadays Marshawn Lynch enjoys retirement in Richmond, California in his luxury waterfront home. Valued at $3.5 million the property is over 7,000 square feet with 5 large bedrooms and it’s very own private dock with a direct view of San Francisco Bay.

24. Robert Griffin III – Cleveland Browns


Robert Griffin III didn’t really live up to expectations in Washington but he sure did score a sweet pad out of the deal. Located in Aldie, Virginia, RG3’s home is one of the most over-the-top on our list and showcases it’s own Olympic sized swimming pool and private golf course…yes it’s own golf course!

23. Jay Cutler – Chicago Bears


Star Quarterback Jay Cutler and his popular actress wife Kristin Cavallari live in this gorgeous home in the suburbs of Chicago. The mansion is over 6,700 square feet with a gourmet kitchen and a giant spa. The couple reportedly pay over $10,000 per month for the property.

22. Philip Rivers – San Diego Chargers


You can debate all day whether or not Philip Rivers is a top class footballer but you certainly can’t argue that about his home. River’s mansion is worth $3.5 million and features 6 beds and 6 baths as well as a beautifully designed pool and courtyard fountain.

21. Elvis Dumervil – Baltimore Ravens


Elvis Dumervil turns up the heat in defense on the field but he likes to relax in first class when he gets home. The star lineman’s ultra modern home in Colorado is valued at $3 million and hosts an infinity pool, giant hot tub, and an outdoor kitchen.

20. Matt Forte – New York Jets


Ex-Bear running back Matt Forte is still living it up in his Chicago home. His mansion is worth $1.7 million and it is located under an hour away from Soldier Field. The home is unique in design and features timber floors, coffered ceilings, and 5 total bedrooms with 4 total fireplaces.

19. Cam Newton – Carolina Panthers


There’s no denying Cam Newton is swiftly becoming the face of the NFL and his private home is proving it. Newton’s Charlotte condo is worth a cool $1.8 million and features high security, 3 beds/3 baths and a furnished luxury rooftop pool. Any guesses who Newton’s next door neighbor is? None other than Michael Jordan.

18. Russell Wilson – Seattle SeaHawks


Despite being be a late round draft pick Russell Wilson has the home to prove he’s the real deal. His $6.7 million mansion is located on Lake Washington and features vaulted ceilings, a private boat dock, and seven full bedrooms and bathrooms. Wilson and his partner Ciara can often be seen here with their kids during the off season.

17. JJ Watt – Houston Texans


JJ Watt is a once in a generation defensive talent. He’s also a guy who likes the quiet life, thus leading us to his Wisconsin log cabin home in the middle of nowhere.  At only $800,000 the property showcases 35 acres of private land, a massive garage, and all the furnishings a $100 million dollar man may need.

16. Adam Podlesh – Pittsburgh Steelers


Punters can have nice houses too as Adam Podlesh proves with his million dollar home just outside Pittsburgh. This refined brick property has five beds, five baths, and an enormous basement.

15. Demarcus Ware – Denver Broncos


Built in 2008, this English-style mansion has 6-bedrooms, 7.5-bathrooms and 9,400 square feet of living space. Ware’s home is located in one of Dallas’ gated communities and features four living areas, numerous bonus rooms, a wine porch, seven fireplaces, a private theater and a chef’s kitchen.

14. Deion Sanders – Retired


Deion Sanders was prolific during his playing days and even more active as an analyst. Sanders owns this $21 million dollar mansion showcasing 29,000 square feet of living space, a private 12 acre lake, a bowling alley, private football field, and a couple of pools to boot. Deion definitely knows how to live the good life.

13. Frank Gore – Indianapolis Colts


The legendary Indianapolis Colts running back has a gorgeous home in Florida worth a whopping $1.7 million. Gore originally bought the home in 2008 primarily for its beautiful ocean side view and outdoor living space.

12. Troy Aikman – Retired


Featuring 10,700 square feet of space Troy Aikman’s Dallas home is worth a whopping $6 million. The glorious home only has a third of an acre in terms of land but inside of the home really comes to life with a private theater, wine cellar and luxury fittings throughout.

11. Julio Jones – Atlanta Falcons


Looking like it’s design was inspired by Disneyland, Julio Jones owns this beautiful home in Atlanta, Georgia. The 8,800 square foot mansion has heated floors, an enormous garage for over 10 vehicles, and enough bedrooms to host the entire offensive line.

10. Warren Sapp – Retired


After filing for bankruptcy Warren Sapp was forced to sell his $7 million mansion in Florida for less than half it’s value. The enormous 15,000 square-foot mansion has an Olympic sized swimming pool and custom built water slide.

9. Carson Palmer – Arizona Cardinals


In 2010 Arizona Cardinals’ Carson Palmer bought a 1/2 acre lot from the City Of Del Mar for $4.4 million, on which he constructed an 8,000 square foot entertainer’s delight.

8. Reggie Bush – Buffalo Bills


Comparatively small to the other mansions on our list, Reggie’s home is only 4,830 square feet. Despite it’s relative size, it’s features including a private theater, elevator, library, custom BBQ area and pool certainly make up for it. Value, $4.7 million.

7. Jerry Rice – Retired


Arguably the greatest wide receiver to ever play the game, Jerry Rice is living up his retirement California. This enormous mansion is worth over $11 million and showcases some of the nicest luxuries we’ve ever seen. A private movie theater will entertain you at night and a gigantic private gym will keep you ready for the football season around the corner.

6. Michael Strahan – Retired


Michael Strahan’s life after football is going along OK. Although this picture doesn’t really capture it’s full beauty, Strahan owns this $17 million mansion in Los Angeles that hosts a massive 9 bedrooms and 14 bathrooms. The property covers 15,000 square feet with ceilings that are 20 feet high.

5. Colin Kaepernick – San Francisco 49ers


Ah yes, the infamous NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick purchased this $2.7 million home in the Silver Creek neighborhood of San Jose, California back in 2014. Overlooking some of the most glorious houses in America, this is truly a one-of-a-kind estate.

4. Joe Montana – Retired


This is the kind of home you buy when you win Super Bowls and that’s exactly what NFL Legend Joe Montana has done. His Californian mansion valued at a whopping $35 million is 10,000 square feet set on 500 acres of land with amenities from an olive farm and a shooting range.

3. Ladainian Tomlinson – Retired


Ladainian Tomlinson had arguably the greatest prime in running back history, so of course he got paid. TL owns this gorgeous property in California that features a pool (with moat and actual rope bridge), six car garage and a giant outdoor fireplace that is perfect for entertaining.

2. Aaron Rodgers – Green Bay Packers


The best thing about Aaron Rodger’s gorgeous home is that it means you are Aaron Rodgers. The house itself is pretty cool as well, featuring an enormous front yard pool and a beautiful hot tub. Rodgers also has a nice manicured garden in the back yard to keep his green thumb in shape…although I’m not sure how much time he spends gardening.

1. Tom Brady – New England Patriots


Tom Brady headlines our list with an extravagant palace valued at a whopping $40 million. Shared with his supermodel wife Gisele Bundchen, the enormous Massachusetts home sits on 5.2 acres of land and features a yoga studio, pool, wine cellar and even a private library. Clearly this football gig is working out for Brady.













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