Man Hasn’t Missed A Day Surfing For 40 Years Straight


Dale Webster Loves surfing. So much so, that for the past 40 years, he has surfed everyday no matter what. Kidney stones, the birth of his children, Fevers and responsibilities never got in the way of him catching at least three waves each day. What is something youve been dedicated to and have you had that desire and passion to do it everyday? Hell no!

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His dedication to the sport of surfing landed him twice in the Guinness Book of World Records for being the first to surf 10,000 consecutive days and the most days continuously surfed (10,407).That was a decade ago as he is now up to 14,640.


Webster was featured in “Step Into Liquid,” a documentary surf film made in 2003 by Dana Brown, son of “Endless Summer” movie’s Bruce Brown, and garnered notice in the New York Times, Surfer Magazine, Surfing Magazine and a YouTube video about extreme sports enthusiasts.


He had told the Surfer Magazine that he didn’t know if he wanted to keep going after his record-setting surf, but he went on to complete 40 years of continuously surfing Sept. 3 of this year. A small party was held to commemorate his unparalleled feat by staff members and students at Bodega Bay School, where Iam has worked as a custodian for nearly 20 years.

But now he’s planning another party. This party will be to celebrate the end of his consecutive surfing streak. This coming October, Dale will have to have a surgery that will keep him out of the water for a few weeks.



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