Donald Trump Wins Politifacts Lie Of The Year….And The Next Two Biggest Lies

The well-honored and nonpartisan, Pulitzer Prize winning, fact-checking website Politifact completes off with an enviable Lie of the Year prize, given to the person who told the most daring, most preposterous lie. But theres a catch: they let their readers select which statement is not unworthy of the ill-famed acclimation. In 2013, President Obama was the receiver with his claim that If you enjoy you insurance plan you can keep it. Politifact made it a package deal and rounded up all the bogus hoopla around Ebola. Quite suiting contemplating Republicans won the midterms based on ISIS and that.

But this years Lie of the Year came as no shock the statement that won was from none besides Republican frontrunner Donald Trump! Yes, Donald Trumps statement, I saw in Jersey City, N.J., where thousands and thousands of individuals [aka Muslims] were encouraging as the World Trade Center fell, which was rated as a Pants on Fire claim, garnered 47 percent of the 7,350 votes cast. Considering there’s not one shred of evidence (and is questioned by the FBI, NYPD, and even Rudy Giuliani himself), Trumps effort to besmirch Muslims and politicize a catastrophe was thrown right back in his giant man-baby face.

Coming in second place for Lie of the Year was from oh, seem Donald Trump! This claim, that he tweeted, says crime figures reveal blacks kill 81 percent of white murder victims. Another Pants on Fire claim. This claim received 13.2 percent of the votes.

Who could have come in third position? Say it is nt its Donald Trump! Recall back in June when Trump determined to start off his campaign by saying The Mexican authorities … they send the poor ones over? Not only was that rated too, it got Pants on Fire ten percent of the vote.

Because Donald Trump additionally seemed a fourth time when he said the unemployment rate in America may be as high as 42 percent, ANOTHER Pants on Fire claim Politifact readers actually must hate Donald Trump for good reason.

So within their top ten statements, Trump and Ben Carson, who was in second place in the GOP primaries made it four times and three times, respectively. Hillary Clintons opinion the firearm business is shielded from any obligation made the list, as did Harry Reids remark that 30 percent of girls get their health care through Planned Parenthood. Republican Rep. Jason Chaffetz made the list for his muddying of Planned Parenthood data (which contained his incredibly deceptive graph).

Not only does Trump seem four times, Republicans, generally, seem eight times in the top ten. And Republicans say the Democrats and Hillary Clinton are the liars? Im surprised Carly Fiorina didnt top the list with all the junk she’s spewed this election season.

Great occupation Republicans, thats rather a frontrunner you’ve there!

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