These 45 Surprise Wedding Fails Are Absolutely Hilarious!

Stereotypically, girls dream of this special day; from what to wear, to the cake, the ornamentation, the pictures, and everything else. Everything needs to be perfect! Right? Well… Fortunately for us, nothing ever goes to plan! Whether it was meant or not, these wedding pictures reveal most hilarious, inappropriate and downright embarrassing wedding photographs you’ve ever seen! Photograph 45 is our favorite…a VERY courageous man indeed!

1. Keg-Stand Bride


This is my type of wedding. Lets admit, any type of wedding where there’s a keg in the rear, is bound to be an excellent time. The jackpot was hit by this groom…catching a stunning bride who understands how to do a kegstand. He was undoubtedly right to place a ring on it. 

 2. Too Much to Drink?


The dance floor is being owned by this couple! At least, the booze they’ve consumed is telling that to them. Folks, there are whole websites dedicated to narratives of people humiliating themselves at weddings when they drink too much. Please, heed this advice: drink lots of water, pace yourselves and be sure to EAT!

3. Painted Ceremony


You understand about the pressure to get into your best shape ahead of time if you’ve been in a wedding. Now picture if your wedding day ensemble consisted of only body paint. Nervous would you be? How could you be assured that you were toned enough to wear nothing but a layer of paint in public?

4. Pick a Winner


These bridesmaids believed they could slip into the background but there’s always someone watching. And everyone has a cellphone camera today. Talk about embarrassing! Wonder what type of value these women found up there, other than their regular-issue bridesmaids thongs.

5. Light at the End of the Tunnel


It looks like he’s located his gleaming prize. Go to the light, man. Hey, maybe he discovered a Pokémon in there! You know that will happen one of these days right? A groom will find a Pokémon underneath his betrothed’s wonderful gown.

6. Awww…What a Lovely Photo


How adorable is this? Wait a second — is that Robert peeing in the background?!? C’MON ROBERT! WHY DO YOU NEED TO RUIN EVERYTHING? Everyone has a buddy like Robert. Don’t be like Robert, please don’t do it.

7. Who’s Idea Was This?


It’s a terrible idea to take a piece of wedding cake from the underside of the cake — this isn’t Jenga guys! It’s an even worse idea to pull on it for any reason and to catch the underside of the cake. The bride doesn’t seem overly concerned but the bridegroom appears like he’s going to have a heart attack. We don’t have any idea what was going through her mind.

8. All Natural…No Problem!


Let’s presume that the nudity in this wonderful Hawaiian wedding was planned. Otherwise, the airline that lost their garments would be in BIIIIG trouble with this bride. Sorry, but I find it interested the groom wears an earring and a watch but entirely skips trousers, underwear, or a shirt.

9. Cake Fail #2


Here’s what you do in this scenario: you send out someone to get another cake, soda a few more bottles of champagne in the meantime, and you laugh it away. Hilarious moments like this are the memories people value the most about weddings, not the totally staged, saccharine sweet portraits.

10. Danger Zone


Well, this would have been a fine photo if the giant wave didn’t completely doused them. Let’s trust that they’d on some undergarments that actually held up to this amount of soakage. Do you think the bride and groom are aware the ocean is, like, wet?

11. True Friends


Only a true friend will put up with the horrid smell of a port-o-potty to help the bride pee in her wedding dress. Out of all the maid of honor duties (hosting a shower, gift record-keeping, planning the Bachelorette party), is there actually any better present than the one of lavatory support?

12. Hang on a Second!


I’m really lost for words here. I understand everyone is different and don’t have the same interests but really…what on earth is this? Marriage shouldn’t be that painful should it?

13. Nude Bicycle Wedding


This couple unexpectedly scheduled their wedding for the same precise day and at the exact same place as the yearly Philly Naked Bike Ride. Did the bride freak out or what? Nope, they included some naked strangers into their wedding pics and completely took things in stride! You understand their union will survive, with that sort of open minded tractability and lightheartedness.

14. Hooray!


Someone’s a little nipply. Here’s where a bra comes in handy…especially when you know that there’ll be a camera on you ALL DAY LONG. You could use some of those nifty stick on pasty things they sell in all the upscale bridal shops. Or heck, use Bandaids. Just use something.

15. ‘Until Death Do You Part’…OK!


Need a divorce? Not from this girl and her bridesmaids. We’re not certain if they were sending an NRA-fueled message to the world or an extremely clear message to the bridegroom and any men hitting on her bridal party. This is a big FAIL on so many personal and social levels that we only need to proceed to the next funny image on our list.

16. Peek-a-Boo


Do you feel it? No? Probably only my imagination, then. This is the bride’s variation of a “Marilyn second,” sacred matrimony-design. The wonderful Ms. Monroe ended up with three unions under her belt, so she must have done something right.

17. Whoopsie!


Is he nervous, or overexcited, or does she weigh like 700 pounds somehow? If you ask me, I’m consistently happy to see a couple laugh off those “imperfect” wedding instants – demonstrates promise for a very long union. Even the photographer featured it on their professional portfolio and embraced this crazy photo.

18. Are the Bridesmaids Naked?


My guess is that these bridesmaids protested their gruesome dresses by attending the wedding nude…Not actually! Their strapless gowns just give the look of nudity. We can just trust they are wearing undergarments that are proper for the bouquet toss, because we’ve seen what happens to those strapless dresses when arms are lifted!

19. Cheeky Bridesmaids


Merely a remark about the tendency of brides forcing their bridesmaids to flash their bare bottoms and have the whole thing photographed for all the world to see: WHY? Especially when some of them don’t seem all that comfortable with it… I wish people would give a ‘hard pass” to this growing wedding tradition.

20. Savor the Memories


Is this a holy celebration honoring one couple’s love, or an all-out drunken orgy? These guests seem to be perplexed about it. I mean, that one man is clearly going to have to wash his hand after the dance, the way he’s got it situated between his partner’s cheeks…

21. No Shame Here


I believe the father’s face says everything. I bet he wishes he’d “given her away” back when she was a baby. And what’s up with the arm bands? Or do they hold packages of Nair? I need a whole lot extra information relating to this wedding…that is weird.

22. Seriously…


He ain’t clever, that’s for sure. When a couple splits up DURING the wedding, is that considered an annulment or a divorce? I enjoy the way the other guy is looking back at the man with the camera. He’s definitely in on the entire incestuous matter, don’t you think?

23. Goodnight Sweetheart


This is what occurs when one of two things happen. First, you’re extremely exhausted because you were up all night looking forward to your wedding and have been nervous all day. You get so intoxicated that you just can’t keep yourself alert for your big night. Either way, this is what we call a wedding that is leading neglect.

24. Upskirt Bride


My, oh. The poor thing. It appears that the wind only wasn’t in her favor on her special day. But you gotta give it to the photographer: he didn’t even flinch. Like a real expert, he snapped on away as the bride fought those gusts and simply kept his composure.

25. Gymnast Bride


I’m not precisely certain what they were going for here… Are they acting out the consummation of the union, or an approaching child birth perhaps?

26. Kick in the Nose


She got a few great shots before her bloody nose destroyed the whole thing. Additionally, it seems like he peed his pants a little. Upon recognizing that he kicked a woman right in the center of her face…as I assume any gentleman would do.

27. Speedo-bomb!


You just gotta love the beach photographs. There is much that could go wrong, and so much of it includes nudity that is unwanted. Which is certainly perfect for wedding photographs! And think of the sand – all the fun spots that debilitating sand can end up when you’re sweaty and hot.

28. Done-the-deed yet?


We don’t understand whether that couple has done the deed yet. Maybe they’re one of those uncommon couple’s these days who really waited until their wedding night to seal the deal. If that’s the case these two dogs needed to be sure the couple was well aware of what to expect later in the night.

29. Daaaaaad!


This man is a complete oaf. He’s certainly just given his beautiful daughter away, as he returns to his seat and gotten tangled in her train. The look on her face says it all: anger, surprise, and probably a lot of pain at having her head jerked back like that.

30. Public Garter Removal


Firstly, why are they in what looks like a public place that is haphazard? And second of all, why on EARTH is she on her telephone? I can just imagine how that dialogue is going…”Yeah, I’m at the wedding! He’s about to remove the garter… No, I’m not busy, I can speak.”

31. Where’s Waldo?


This resembles a wedding picture that is totally ordinary, until you see the photo bomber in the background. Might it be possible that this was a set up that is staged? Really, it turns out that “Waldo” blast lots of couples on their wedding days. I think the man is bored that he’s not so popular these days.

32. What do we have here?


Well, well, well… What do we have here? It seems as if the bride may have lost her groom way to soon. Let’s have it – “Welcome to the family! Give your new father in law a kiss….”

33. That’s Gold!


This is what happens when your mom has too many free drinks at the reception. She’s either reaching for this man’s special parts, or she’s desperately holding on before she falls to the earth. Either way… Wedding photograph gold!

34. Interesting…


It doesn’t matter which way you look at this picture, you’ll be intrigued. I don’t believe we’ll ever understand just why this photo was shot. Although, the look on the face of what I expect is a bridesmaid pretty much says everything. The only thing which arrives to my mind is… maybe they’re Russian.

35. Curious Kids


Children do the darnedest’ things. This ones fascination is one for the photo album. While the bride seems to have no idea what is going on, lucky, the photographer was able to catch this perfect shot. What do you believe he was looking for? Do you think he got a good look? Next time kid, let’s leave it to the groom.

36. Beach Wedding


How uncommon – a wedding portrait featuring a puckered starfish! I really believe that’s good luck for the couple that is married. Other symbols of good luck at a wedding: sapphires, rain, spiders, the color white, sugar cubes, henna, silver coins, pine trees … the list continues on.

37. Nice Melons!


Now look at those melons! This is another one of those pictures that was shot at an awkward angle and with the right fruit in the photo to result in an intriguing wedding picture. The look at the bridegroom and bride ’s faces just increase the hilarity that ensued because of this pic.

38. Legless Bride


If you didn’t know any better it would be easy to assume that this bride is a witch who can fly! In reality, she jumped up in the air and the picture was shot right at the moment that her legs were concealed behind her body and inside her dress. An impressive accomplishment none-the-less and probably not something you will see too frequently in wedding pictures.

39. Not So Fast!


Having a dog chew on your own expensive and amazing wedding dress likely doesn’t make a highlight of your big day. With that said, this adorable little pup helped create a long-term memory for this couple and a hilarious picture. It’s nearly as if the pup is saying “please don’t leave me for him.” So much cunning in one picture.

40. You’ve Gotta Go When You’ve Gotta Go!


There were two positives to this little boys bathroom break at a Royal Wedding. Firstly he wasn’t too close to the bride, and secondly it wasn’t on the Queen. With that said, you actually should potty train your children to avoid these type of viral photographs. When you gotta go you gotta go.

41. Just One Small Slip


You should always expect someone to fall in in case you are going to shoot wedding pictures near water. We’ve seen many wedding fails in which a wedding dress or suit was destroyed as a result of slip and fall sort of scenario. As we’ve seen in preceding weddings also be prepared for waves to destroy your ensemble neglect pictures.

42. Curious Kids #2


This bride is oblivious that there’s a kid that ogling her exposed crotch. She’s in for a real surprise when her photographer posts the wedding album online for the world. The kid’s parents are likely thrilled with the birds and bees instruction Junior received though.

43. Ready For The Sausage


Beautiful bride loving a nice, light, pre-wedding bite. You’re undoubtedly entitled to love yourself on your big day, after being on your wedding diet for months straight to fit into your wedding dress. She’s definitely prepared for the sausage.

44. Raising The Roof


In case you are going to celebrate during the reception ensure you have the clearance. This poor man met with a ceiling he wasn’t anticipating to see. This is what occurs ladies and gentlemen when you combined a lightweight man and lots of alcohol. Ouch.

45. One Day Wedding


If you are going to make it past the first day of wedded bliss the least you can do is keep your eyes on your bride. This man may have set a brand new world record for getting his hand caught in the cookie jar. On the other hand, we need to applaud him for his unabashed ability to stare at another female while taking wedding photos. That requires some serious bravery.







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