51 Of The World’s Biggest Animals – Beware of #4


Is bigger always better? These massive creatures would likely say so. From tremendous toads to big dogs that are breathtakingly beautiful, these creatures may surprise you, and they’ ll certainly make you quite glad you don’t need to clean up after them. To remind our lovely readers of what is actually possible in nature we decided to put together 41 of the biggest animals we could find for your entertainment.

51. Bird-Eating Spider


Yes, you read correctly. This is an Australian Bird-Eating Spider. It has powerful long venomous fangs with a leg span of 11 inches, or larger than the size of man’s hand. The bite from a Bird-Eating Spider is not fatal to a human, but can cause up to six hours of vomiting. However the venom can cause death to a dog or cat within thirty minutes. Yikes!

50. Coconut Crab


These crabs are so strong they can really crack. The Coconut Crab can support its own weight with its claws while and can live up to 70 years. If you’ re visiting parts of the Pacific ocean or the Indian ocean, you might just see one for yourself just like this tourist did on Christmas Island near Australia.

49. Titan Beetle


A far cry from just an inch long, the South American Titan Beetle can measure up to 7 inches long…Now that’s on hell of a creepy crawly I wouldn’t like to find in my house.

48.African Giant Snail

Africa does things big and this snail is no exception. Found in parts of East Africa, the African Giant Snail can grow almost a foot in length. I’m not sure whether the French would call these snails a delicacy? 

47. Ruben the Rabbit

A real-life Easter Bunny, Ruben the Rabbit weighs a whopping 50 pounds and is 4.4 feet tall.  He is currently the record holder for the biggest rabbit on the planet! In one month alone, Ruben will have at least 30 apples, 360 carrots, and 15 cabbages.

46. Stewie The Maine Coon

This gorgeous cat isn’t going to scare you on the scale but you’ll need a couple of rulers to measure its length. Stewie has the longest tail in the world and his full body is nearly 49 inches in length.

45. Giant Freshwater Stingray

You understand how dangerous Freshwater Stingrays can be if you’ve viewed the show River Monsters. When fully grown this grotesque creation can weigh up to 1,300 pounds as a full sized adult.

44. Hercules Moth

Discovered throughout Australia and Papa New Guinea, the somewhat majestic Hercules Moth seems more like a giant fowl than an insect. One of those hitting your windshield would make quite the mess.

43. Malaysian Boa

A construction team discovered this Boa while working in the Malaysian jungle. The thickest and longest of all snakes, this Malaysian Boa weighed over 2000 pounds and at 55 feet in length we’re all too confident in saying that this is among the most lethal and additionally among the largest snakes ever discovered. Fortunately, they’re comparatively solitary creatures who mainly remain hidden.

42. Mekong Catfish


The Mekong Catfish is in fact only a fish while it looks to be the size of a shark. That’s if you’re able to call a 10.5 foot long fish “only a fish”. Interestingly, the Mekong Catfish isn’t harmful to humans but sadly face diminishing numbers due to over-fishing.

41. Giant Fox


If you watched Fox and the Hound as a kid then you no doubt grew up with an affinity for these sly little creatures. The largest fox on record, however, won’t remind you of your childhood at all! This giant fox was hunted down after becoming a menace in the neighborhood: killing local cats and farm animals. When caught the fox weighed in at over 25 lbs.

40. Harpy Eagle

Harpy Eagles are among the world’s largest and most powerful eagles. Their rear talons are about 3-4 inches long – the same size as a grizzly bear’s claws. No wonder they are extremely vicious predators of small mammals.

39. Goliath Toad


If you’re planning on visiting with Cameroon keep in mind you might fall upon one of these huge green creatures. Goliath toads can reach up to 14 inches long and weigh over 12 pounds.

38. Giant Weta Cricket

Found only (thankfully) on a small island off the coast of New Zealand, the Giant Weta Cricket, shown here, is eating a carrot. My guess is that you don’t want to be bitten by one of these little critters. Imagine the nightmares of having one of these chirping outside your window at night!

37. Flying Fox Bat


Although these bats have a wing span that can measure over 6 feet, they tend to weigh less than 3 pounds. Though it probably doesn’t provide much reassurance, bats are known for being non aggressive to people. 

36. Southern Elephant Seal


The world’s biggest carnivore, the tremendous southern elephant seal can weigh an incredible 11,000 pounds and reach a span of over 22 feet. Luckily, this species is adapted to eat seafood, and people aren’t in the cards as far as dinner is concerned. Nevertheless, stressing confrontations have happened, and you don’t need to tangle with a canine-equipped carnivore that is a whopping 70 times your weight! 

35. Trip The Cow


Mooooove out of the way, cause Trip is coming through! We all know that cows are pretty big animals, but this guy is ridiculous. This cow weighs over 1 ton, is over 10 feet long and 6.5 feet tall. You don’t want to be in this fellas way!

34. Giant Chinese Salamander


The Chinese Giant Salamander is known as the greatest amphibian on Earth. These fleshy, slimy creatures can row up to 6 ft in length and have very poor eye sight. The great salamanders may make a “weeping” sound and are endangered by poaching and habitat loss as they are the product of many legends throughout Asia.

33. Enormous Pig

Completely dwarfing the lady in the picture this enormous pig comes from Wafangdian City and weighs a whopping 2,000 pounds…that’s enough bacon for life!

32. Ulric The Norwegian Forest Cat


Norwegian Forest Cats tend to be larger than your typical tabby. Ulric is the biggest of the bunch and his fluffy butt weighs in at over 30 pounds. Ulric looks like the perfect cuddle machine.

31. African Elephant

Zoos and circuses make it easy for us to forget the absolute magnitude of elephants. The African Bush Elephant can weigh over 15,000 lbs and can stand at over 11 feet tall. No wonder it’s not having any troubles toying with this Volkswagen.

30. Grey Wolf


The Grey Wolf may look cute and docile from a distance but that’s how you need to leave them be. Grey Wolves can grow up to nearly 180 pounds while standing at nearly 3 feet tall. Grey Wolves are amazing predators who can move at speeds of 37 MPH at full speed.

29. Adult Gorilla


Though the gorilla may showcase some human traits you should know that they are nothing like us in terms of physicality. In a scientific experiment a 165 pound gorilla was able to draw 850 pounds of force on a  dynamometer. The strongest 165 pound human could only draw 200 pounds. Incredible.

28. Zulu The Giraffe


We know that the Giraffe has a long neck but Zulu really puts things in perspective. Zulu is an adolescent giraffe that already stands at 19 feet tall.

27. Huntsman Spider


If insects didn’t scare you before then they probably do now. Although no relation to the Bird Eating Spider featured earlier in our list, the Huntsman Spider actually hunts down birds as well. 

26. Giant Goldfish


Goldfish are unique fish in that they’ll grow to the size of their aquarium. Goldie, on display here, is showcasing her giant proportions next to the standard 99 cent goldfish.

25. Fat Cat

At only 2 years of age Fat Cat weighs a whopping 39 pounds, making him the heaviest cat in the world. Fat Cat is the biggest you will find and looks like he would make the perfect cuddle partner.

24. Boris The Pitbull

Meet Boris the guard dog and ultimate cuddle machine. Boris weighs in at an amazing 174 lbs which makes him the biggest Pitbull in the world. Absolutely dwarfing the woman in the picture, it’s lucky he is a gentle giant who loves kids.

23. Giant Rodent


This is Greame and he belongs to the biggest rodent species on the planet: the Capybara. Greame weighs 112 pounds which makes him the biggest rodent on earth. You’re going to want a bigger working wheel to keep him occupied.

22. Giant Grizzly Bear


The most seasoned hunter in the world will turn white when they see a Grizzly Bear wander into sight.. Male Grizzlies can weigh upwards of 600 pounds and stand over 10 feet tall on the hind legs. They are among the largest predators on the planet and present obvious risks to humans who get in their way.

21. Giant Tasmanian Crayfish


The giant Tasmanian crayfish is tremendous – the biggest freshwater invertebrate on earth. Weighing up to 8 pounds, with a span of almost 3 feet, this huge crayfish stalks the rivers of Tasmania, Australia. This creature lies in wait to catch its prey, and fingers could be severed easily by it’s bite. But don’t stress, they are very rare.

20. Ostrich

We’ve found that the Ostrich doesn’t actually get much admiration. The Ostrich continues to be very remarkable because of the way it can run at up to 43 mph despite really being a flightless bird. Ostrich’s hit on average around 7 feet in height but they are able to grow to heights of 9 feet. Good luck if you’re being chased by one of these!

19. Sunflower Sea Star

The Sunflower Seastar is the largest Starfish found in the northeast Pacific Ocean. It is among the largest in the world with a maximum arm span of 3.3 ft. Sunflower Seastars usually have 16 to 24 limbs with varying colors so they can adapt to new environments quickly.

18. Giant Squid

Giant Squids are ocean leviathans that were once rumored to only be the stories of sailors that are crazy. This squid was measured out to be 44 feet long. I don’t fancy getting tangled up with one of these creatures, that’s for sure.

17. Ocean Sunfish

The Ocean Sunfish is the heaviest bony fish on the planet with an adult sunfish weighing over 2,200 lbs. Among humans, sunfish are considered a delicacy in many parts of the world and with the females of the species able to produce up to 300,000,000 eggs at a time, I guess there should be no shortage of supply.

16. Giant Racoon

You’ve no doubt seen these recognizable ringed eyes staring back at you at nighttime if you live out in the country somewhere. Raccoons are adorable when they aren’t 75 pounds and intelligent creatures! This giant raccoon would undoubtedly make mincemeat of your small pooch.

15. Great White Shark

Apex Predators – top of the food chain. This image showcases a Great White Shark believed to be one of the biggest ever seen. Estimates reveal this monster to be about 37 feet long. Yikes…you’re not getting away from this beast in a hurry.

14. Hercules the Liger

The Liger is a hybrid cross between a male lion and a female tiger. Ligers are the largest of all known felines and weigh around 900 lbs. Hercules lives at an interactive animal theme park in Miami and is said to have been bred accidentally.

13. Monster Bull

Fancy taking this bull by the horns? I think not. This enormous bull keeps the farmers field clear of any intruding pests and we can realize why. Hailing form the United Kingdom this bull weighs in at a whopping 3,700 lbs.

12. Nomura Jellyfish

Want to feel small? Try wading in the ocean next to one of these creatures. Weighing in at a shocking 440 pounds, the Nomura Jellyfish is the biggest jellyfish on earth. These creepy critters are found off the shore in Japan.

11. Wild Gaur


At 10 feet tall, the Gaur is the world’s biggest wild cow species. This huge creature with really formidable horns has been known to kill tigers when provoked. While it’s a protected species as a result of poaching and habitat loss, it’s a match for most risks and weighs up to 3,500 pounds.

10. Oversize Oarfish

You just never know what weird and wonderful creatures are lurking in the depths of the ocean, and the Oarfish is one of them. If we measured fish with people, this monster would be 15 people long!

9. Mammoth Hog


Have a look at the size of this beast! Weighing in at over one ton, this wild hog was taken down by a 12 year old boy. Now that’s a prize you won’t fit on any wall!

8. Blakiston’s Fish Owl

Named after British naturalist Thomas Blakiston, this species of owl found in Japan can weigh upwards of 20lbs with a wingspan of almost 80 inches.

7. George The Great Dane

A lot larger than the typical human being, this sweet Great Dane nearly seems like more of  a horse than a canine. Every month George consumes over 110 pounds of kibble to keep his monstrous physic to a fit and lean 250 pounds and over 7 feet in length. Unfortunately, like all big dogs George is likely to pass away at a young age – 6 years old on average.

6. Goliath Frog

Fancy giving this beast a kiss to become a Princess? Found in Africa, the Goliath frog is the largest in the world weighing in at a massive 8 pounds. With leg muscles like that I bet he has a pretty big leap as well.

5. Colonel Meow


Here we see what can be considered the funniest named cat in the world. Colonel Meow is in the Guinness book of World Records for the length of his fur!

4. Japanese Spider Crab


The Japanese spider crab has the largest leg span of any arthropod, reaching up to 12 ft and weighing up to 41 pounds. In its natural habitat, these creatures feed on shellfish and animal carcasses and may live for up to 100 years. The Japanese Spider Crab can can inflict serious injury with their powerful claws so you don’t want one scuttling across the ocean floor towards you.

3. Sammie The Tortoise


49’ers Quarterback Colin Kaepernick may have made a splash on the field but you should see the one his pet is making: Sammy the Tortoise. This giant tortoise is an incredible 115 pounds. If you think Kaepernick’s pet is big  – click here to check out the size of his mansion! 

2. Giant Rat

This gigantic rodent is simply out of control. This man in the picture has to be acknowledged for even attempting to capture this rat. The bigger they are, the more disease they carry!

1. Saltwater Crocodile

While sharks are certainly known to be man killers we have to say that the Saltwater Crocodile is probably the most dangerous creature to come across in the water, and certainly the most prehistoric. This croc appears to have lost a leg in a fight…would like to see the size of that creature!

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