22 People Who FAILED at Summer to Make You Feel Better!

Summer is a time for fun in the sun. Kids spend their days outside playing games (and Pokemon Go) while adults make sure to take part in as many BBQs as possible. Throughout this majestic time there are a few people who don’t quite enjoy themselves. If you’ve been having a bit of a rough summer then you should keep on reading. We found 22 people who completely failed at enjoying their summer in some impressively bad ways.  Should you feel better at their expense? Probably not. Will you feel better? Definitely.  Keep on reading and you’ll be amazed at what #3 did to themselves!

22. Festival Goer Served Medium-Rare

What we have here is a primo example of what men will do to try and impress women. The guy in the yellow glasses probably thinks that the beautiful women next to him will be wowed by his tan and adorable little shoulder tattoo. Instead what we have is probably the worst sunburn that we’ve ever seen. Smother on that UV protection or you’ll end up looking ridiculous forever thanks to the internet.

21. Sunscreen Fail

The first sunscreen ever was invented back in 1936 by a chemist named Eugene Schueller. Since 1936 we have seen sunscreen work effectively, when applied appropriately. Either this guy had a toddler apply his sunscreen or he is one of the least thorough dudes on the planet. Either way this Marine, as evidenced by his tattoos, is going to be fighting a battle with back pain for awhile yet!

20. Burnt at Lunch

Most people don’t realize just how quickly you can begin to burn when out in he sun. Here we see a woman sporting the outline of her lunch burnt into her lap. In any other context this sort of instant effect would be terrifying and cause hysteria. Somehow people don’t treat sunburn seriously even though it can lead to some very damning health effects down the line. Even an hour in the sun for lunch deserves a bit of sunblock.

19. Cherry Red Failure

http://www.notey.com/This poor girl ditched sunscreen while she apparently sunbathed on the surface of the sun itself. She actually looks like one of those kids that Willy Wonka kicked out of his factory. Sadly there won’t be any Oompa Loompas to sing her out of the room after this horrific mishap. Pro tip: get moisturizer that doubles as sun block and you’ll never be unprepared for a day out in the sun.

18. Friends Like These

If your buddy passes out at the BBQ with his shirt off then the least you could do is help him out with some sunscreen. Now, this isn’t exactly what we had in mind but some coverage is better than none, right?

17. Hard to Reach Places

You don’t have to be perfect when applying your sunscreen in order to do a better job than this. Remember, if you have trouble reaching those tough places on your back then ask for some help. We would rather an awkward moment of a friend slathering us in sunscreen versus a week of pain followed by a few days of skin peeling off of our body.

16. Wear Ankle Socks


If this guy wore ankle socks then he’d at least have more even colored legs. When putting on sunblock most people tend to go light, if at all, in application to their lower body. Your legs are half of your body so treat them right by giving them the protection that they deserve. Remember, even an hour out in the sun can leave you with some burns to remember.

15.  Permanent Necklace

If you are going to pull out the huge statement making necklace for your day out then be sure to protect your skin. This woman gets to wear her favorite necklace for an extra week thanks to a rather flattering sunburn. We suppose you could have something worse stenciled on you.

14.  Sunburnt Success


If you are going to spend the day outside playing street hockey then you should probably coordinate your outfit better. This field hockey player scored some nice shin guard pale spots while completely burning her upper thighs. The most surprising thing about this shot is that it proves people are still playing field hockey. Huh. Weird.

13. Shirt of Shame


What we see in this unrepentant selfie is the most common sunburn possible among men. This sunburn says, “I knew I was going to burn but I was too lazy to make preparations.” Look at his eyes, he knows he made a mistake.

12. High Waisted Mistake

This picture creates more questions than it answers. What kind of outfit does this guy have to be wearing in order to pull off the weird mid-riff baring sunburn? Was he wearing a reverse belly shirt?  High waisted pants? The mystery is going to drive us mad!

11. Climate Adjustment Problems

This teenager moved from Alaska to Arizona in order to attend college. She decided to take a hike and never even thought of putting sunblock on. Well, that was her first lesson and we think she’ll catch on quickly.

10. Polo Problems

Sometimes you can do everything right and still end up looking like you messed up. The individual in this picture went to a polo match where he wore a button up shirt and some SPF 55 sunscreen — which clearly had no effect. Make sure that you use the proper SPF rating while applying at least half an hour before going into direct sunlight.

9. Flawless Sunscreen Application

This guy is going into the ‘points for trying’ Hall of Fame. What we see here is an attempt to apply sunscreen that falls so short of adequate standards that we can only shake our heads. Did he throw his sunscreen into the air and just accept wherever it landed as a result?

8. Real Back Problems

Look at the locations where this unfortunate individual actually managed to get some UV protection. Now try and touch those spots yourself. These are the easiest places to reach and it appears that is exactly when he gave up.

7. Rub the Belly

Falling asleep while sunbathing can be a phenomenal experience but it can also be a painful one. This man clearly forgot to apply his sunscreen before laying down. Now he’s stuck with probably the dorkiest sunburn that we have ever seen. At least he is taking the burn in good spirits.

6. Two Face Burn

Nothing worth doing is worth rushing and this proves doubly so for applying sunscreen. This 5th grade girl was too embarrassed to have her parents help apply sunscreen and so she decided to quickly put it on herself. The results of this experience were less than satisfying for the young girl. School is hard enough as it is without burning a cleft note onto your cheek.

5. Man of Steel

This is probably the dumbest way we’ve ever seen anyone pay homage to the Man of Steel. With that being said, we have to admire the dedication to getting the perfect burn mark mapped out. This isn’t an instant of stupidity with lasting consequences — the guy had to lay there in the quiet for hours while the burn was put in place and he had to continue thinking that it was a good idea.

4. Cloudy With a Chance of Sunburn

This woman thought that decent cloud cover would protect her from a sunburn. She was wrong. Be aware that even on cloudy days you will still feel the effects of UV rays making their way into your body. If you plan to be outside for a prolonged period of time you should either cover up or use sunscreen!

3. Lucky Number Seven

This guy might be a little bit too proud of his position on the football team. Did you know that people who have had a sunburn are more than twice as likely to suffer from melanoma later on in their life? Think about the potential for skin cancer before burning your jersey number into your body.

2. Spring Break Takes No Prisoners

Your totally amazing Spring Break can take a dramatic turn for the worst if you forget to apply sunscreen for even one day. If you are going to be out in the sun for a long time then you will need to apply and re-apply a couple of times throughout the day. This woman learned the hard way that the sun doesn’t take a break.

1. Sunblock Efficiency

This guy may be redder than a boiled lobster but he is living proof of how effective sunscreen can be. The hand mark in the middle of his chest appears to be his only attempt at applying sunscreen and, not surprisingly, it is the only place that survived his summer burning. It’s a darn shame that nobody made him smother the sunscreen all over the rest of his body. He’ll be feeling this burn for awhile.

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