23 Jaw Dropping Teeth Transformations from A-List Stars!

Celebrities appear on red carpets and in front of HD television cameras looking as perfect as if they were created in a lab. We common people tend to think of celebrities, whether their fame was earned or not, as these physical specimens that were born with the right genes to look the way that they do. I mean, who could possibly rival Brad Pitt or Jennifer Aniston in their prime? Still, it should please you to know that many celebs require some major work before they are Hollywood ready. We pulled together 22 famous super-celebs who had to have their teeth completely transformed. Keep on reading and you’ll see how these celebs really got their smiles and you won’t believe who landed on this list at #6!

22. Zac Efron

We are kick starting our list with this former High School Musical star, Zac Efron. Efron has turned into one of Hollywood’s most attractive leading men thanks to a perfect body, a great face, and an electric smile. Here we can see that Efron had a little help in pulling that smile off! What started off as a childish smile replete with a front gap has turned into a perfect, straight set of teeth.

21. Lindsay Lohan

There was a period of time when Lindsay Lohan was the ‘It’ girl in Hollywood. As is all too common with child-stars growing up, Lohan ended up taking a detour into full on meltdown mode. Here we see Lohan with yellowed ‘smokers teeth’ that don’t do any of her past photographs justice. Lohan quickly got these fixed and is currently attempting some sort of comeback.

20. Nicholas Cage

Here Nicolas Cage looks closer to some type of alien that Will Smith would have fought in Men in Black. Cage’s rapid ascent (and descent) in Hollywood has been well and fully tracked. What is more interesting, in our detail oriented brain, is just how much his teeth have changed along the way. Seriously, look at those things!

19. Matthew Lewis

Muggles are more familiar with Lewis’ Wizard-given name: Neville Longbottom. Lewis stole our hearts as the lovable runt of the Harry Potter bunch and then he stole our attention with those gleaming white teeth. It seems like Longbottom has grown up quite nicely — with a little help, of course.

18. David Beckham

Mr. Beckham is one of the rare situations where the before and after image don’t really completely transform the individual. Beckham has always been a heartthrob and now he has the smile to match the body. We suppose you can afford to buy a perfect set of teeth when your family has a net worth of nearly $770 million dollars.

17. Tom Cruise

Before Cruise became defined by his affiliation to scientology he was considered one the biggest superstars and most attractive men on the planet. The Risky Business star, however, didn’t always have that flashing and gleaming smile Here we see Cruise sporting a set of rather unfortunate chompers. This is a case where the transformation is complete and evolutionary.

16. Niall Horan

This One Direction star took his smile to a whole new level thanks to some timely dental work. It ain’t easy being a popstar, but Niall is probably glad that he got the work done.

15. Kate Beckinsale

Kate Beckinsale, star of the Underworld series, is borderline unrecognizable in this old photograph that showcases her teeth prior to some serious work. Beckinsale has otherwise aged like fine wine and she can thank her dentist for a great job in helping the cause.

14. Steve-o

When your job description focuses on how much pain you put yourself through we doubt you’ll spend much time caring about your appearance. Now retired, the former Jackass star is sporting a Hollywood smile: trimmed down teeth and pearly whites shining.

13. Victoria Beckham

We talked about her husband David above so now it is time to mention Victoria herself. Victoria Beckham, also known as Posh Spice, rose to fame thanks to her work with the female super group, the Spice Girls. Beckham went on to begin her own fashion label and now she’s walking on the clouds with David Beckham linked in her arms. Victoria can definitely thank her dentist for a job well done. After all how can you be a stylist with a smile that people want to avoid?

12. Miley Cyrus

ay what you want about Miley’s personality but you can’t argue that the former child star turned pop diva is living proof of great dental surgery. Cyrus is sporting some of the whitest teeth that we have ever seen in this shot.

11. David Bowie

Mr. Bowie may have been born with some sort of musical genius already in his body but he sure didn’t strike natural gold with those teeth. After transitioning into some film work we can only assume that the dental cosmetic work was a requirement. May he Rest in Peace.

10. Kendall Jenner

Whether or not you love the Kardashian-Jenner clan is up to your personal preference but you can’t deny that there are some good looking people in that group. Kendall Jenner is the youngest in the family to find mega-success in the world of modeling. Here we see that Jenner’s gap tooth days were mercifully short thanks to braces.

9. Keith Urban

Country music fans may love cowboys but they had better have some straight, white teeth. Keith Urban has never been a bad looking musician but even he caved under the pressure of fixing up his teeth. Now Urban is sporting a perfect set of teeth and the same old goatee + earring combo. Oh well, you can’t win them all.

8. Morgan Freeman

Mr. Morgan Freeman went from the man with the golden voice to the man with the diamond smile. Freeman has actually undergone quite a few major surgeries in his life though not all for cosmetic reasons. Freeman was injured in a car crash in Mississippi almost 10 years ago and his left hand is still paralyzed.

7. Madonna

You don’t last as long in Hollywood as Madonna has without reinventing yourself a time or to. The Like a Virgin songstress has gotten several jobs done on her teeth and the results have been nothing short of fantastic. Madonna is looking great for a Hollywood superstar born in 1958.

6. George Clooney

Clooney is a Hollywood icon that sits almost above reproach. Over the span of his decorated career in the Business, Clooney has racked up just about every award that you can imagine — including ‘Sexiest Man Alive’. Believe it or not Clooney needed just a little bit of help when it came to perfecting his smile, as you can plainly see above. Clooney will need that perfect politicians smile when he inevitably jumps into the political arena after his Hollywood career winds down.

5. Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani has been kicking butt in front of the camera since bringing her band, No Doubt, to the forefront of public success. Since then Stefani has been just about everywhere — most recently starring in the hit TV show, The Voice as a judge for future pop star hopefuls.

4. Nicole Kidman

There is a lot going wrong with this shot of Nicole Kidman so we wouldn’t normally know where to start. Thankfully we’re focused on how Kidman had her smile reinvented thanks to some timely work on her front teeth as well as a whitening job that has likely become part of her routine and maintenance system.

3. Cristiano Ronaldo

Soccer fans know him simply by his last name: Ronaldo. Despite his on the field prowess as one of the premier athletes in the world we have a hard time imagining the same level of success for Ronaldo if he had not gotten his teeth fixed. Ronaldo looks like he was put together by a team at Abercrombie and it all comes back to perfected smile. In Ronaldo’s ‘before’ shot the soccer player looks closer to an ’80s sitcom bully than a global icon.

2. Billie Joe Armstrong

Otherwise known as just Billie Joe, Mr. Armstrong has been the face of poppunk for over 20 years thanks to his work singing in the band Green Day. Billie Joe may be loved by countless pre-teens around the world thanks to his boyish good looks and irrevocable punk sensibilities, but his smile definitely had to be adjusted in the process. Early shots of Billie Joe circa Dookie days shows a smile full of busted teeth.

1. Michael Douglas

Michael Douglas is a living legend thanks to his talent on screen. The Game and Basic Instinct star has 2 Oscars above his mantle and a host of nominations in his library. However, this shot clearly shows Douglas sans his trademark flashing smile. Douglas had some major work done to his teeth in order to maintain the kind of career longevity that he is currently enjoying. Douglas is experiencing a second career surge thanks to his attachment to the Marvel Cinematic Universe as the revered Hank Pym.

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