17 Jaw Dropping Secret Homes, #5 Will Steal Your Heart!  

It is no longer enough to have a nice two story home on the corner of the block with a white picket fence. Nowadays people want to have these incredible, inventive, and downright creative houses to call their own. We pulled together 17 ritzy, hidden homes that will blow your mind, drop your draw, and terrify your wallet. Keep on reading because #1 will have you ready to move today!

17. Underground Garden House – Concept

We are going to kickstart our list with a conceptual home designed by the teams at Huntsmere and NC Homes. This home is designed to be underground, directly below the garden.

Underground Garden House – Interior

The developers of this concept wanted to focus on an updated modern look while embracing the classic open floor plan. The window in the center of this room looks up into the above-ground garden.

Underground Garden House – Bathroom

Having water features was a must and here we see a Jacuzzi facing an infinite pool. Would you feel comfortable underground, relaxing in one of these rooms?

16. Mirage House in Greece – Overhead

Imagine living in Greece on the tiny island of Tinos. If you owned this property then you would have a view of the Aegean Sea from the roof of your own mirrored, mirage home. Can you see the infinite pool on display?

Mirage House in Greece – Exterior

The Island of Tinos stays incredibly warm all year round with the average temperature never dipping below 55 degrees, even in January. With wonderful weather to look forward to you will need an outdoor area to relax.

Mirage House in Greece – The View

This would be your view every morning at this home. A dip into the pool after breakfast and then a morning under the sun while relaxing and watching the waves. We are definitely vibing on this property.

15. Casa Brutale in Greece – Concept

This home was designed by the team of architects at OPA. The goal of this home was to overlook the Aegean Sea from the face of a cliff. While you may have a similar view here as in the Mirage House, the concept renders the mood entirely different.

Casa Brutale in Greece – Interior View

The living room in the home is framed by the specially designed ceiling. Here we see that the rooftop pool showcases a glass bottom which allows for light to come through the home.

Casa Brutale in Greece – Exterior View

The home is still stuck in its ‘proposition’ phase which means that construction hasn’t yet begun on the home. Still, once it is built can you imagine waking up to this view? If you are afraid of heights then this might be a deal breaker.

14. Eco House in Bolton, England – Concept

This home was designed by the team at Make Architects for the football star Gary Neville. The property would showcase a hidden estate that focuses on green energy and all natural integration.

Eco House in Bolton, England – Living Room

It is easy to see what the designers were going for here. This living room perfectly blends the open air of nature with the refined modern appeal of luxury. The walled in fireplace is a nice touch in the back.

Eco House in Bolton, England – Exterior

Though the home was fully designed the plans were scrapped by Gary Neville. Neville turned to a different firm to design his home. This image shows what would have been the patio.

13. Langtry House in London – Overhead

For just $6.4 million you could have your own semi-underground three bedroom house in Hampstead Heath. Here we see what little off the home is actually above ground.

Langtry House in London – Interior

Once inside it is easy to see why the price tag is so large. Here we can see that the home is deep, wide, and expansive. The open floor plan and elevated ceilings makes you feel like you are in a mansion all while being underground.

Langtry House in London – The Roof

When you step onto the roof of the house you almost feel like you are in a different world. The roof is roomy but still cozy. We can see a nice relaxing area with a couch that still retains its privacy.

12. Edgeland House in Texas – The Hill

While this looks somewhat similar to the famous Hobbit homes from Lord of the Rings the design is, in fact, based on reality. What we see here is a ‘pit house’ which focuses on a sunken build, low to the ground.

Edgeland House in Texas – Side View

Integrating the home into a hill allows for a boost of ‘thermal comfort’. Essentially the concept for this home was to use the Earthen hill as a warming blanket while leaving the middle part of the home opened up for sunlight.

Edgeland House in Texas – From Inside

Here we see how the home would utilize windows to fill in natural light. There would never be a shortage of ambient lighting at this home while still retaining some privacy.

11. Woolbrook Reservoir in Sidmouth, England – Exterior

This five bedroom home in Southwest England was renovated from a water reservoir. Utilizing an open face and multiple levels, residents of the home will be treated to gorgeous natural lighting. The price: a paltry $1.3 million.

Woolbrook Reservoir in Sidmouth, England – Courtyard

As we said above: the inside of the home keeps residents engaged with nature through an open face ceiling. This is the primary courtyard and it shows you much of the home.

Woolbrook Reservoir in Sidmouth, England – Interior

The home was designed in order to take advantage of as many levels as possible. You can see at least two flights in this picture alone. When you account for the location of the home and its elegant size the price becomes even better.

10. Dome House in Cumbria, England – The Home

This eco-mansion overlooks the Lake District National Park as well as the beautiful Lake Windermere. While much more practical in terms of design, the Dome House has plenty of tricks to show off.

Dome House in Cumbria, England – From Inside

The interior of the home is designed in classic English style, replete with an old fashioned fireplace set into the wall. There are seven bedrooms in the home and a week long rental will run you nearly $4,300.

9. Luxury Cave House in Spain – Exterior

Tourists already love visiting Spain so let’s give them another reason. This home is built into the hillside in Galera. The price of this home is an affordable $174,000.

Luxury Cave House in Spain – Daylight

Though the home is far from isolated it still has some views worth taking in. If you go up to the edge of the property you can look down and see an old, beautiful chapel.

Luxury Cave House in Spain – The View

Here we can see what a beautiful view the home can showcase at night. The house has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and is perfect for getting away, just not too far away.

8. Villa Vals in Switzerland – Exterior

Switzerland is home to some gorgeous country and this villa was designed to incorporate as much of it as possible. Located up in the hills, the Villa Vals is a revered getaway. The price for just a single nights stay is nearly $4,000. This is a view of the home in summer.

Villa Vals in Switzerland – Winter Exterior

If you enjoy hitting the slopes then there may be no better home to rent. The Villa Vals stays warm in the winter thanks to being built into the side of a hill, offering a boost of thermal heat.

Villa Vals in Switzerland – Interior

The interior of the home is focused on comfort and class. The massive home can easily feature a large family with room to spare. Here you can see the living room and the dining room attached to one another.

7. Beckham Creek Cave Lodge in Arkansas – Exterior

For just $1,200 per night you can stay at this gigantic subterranean lodge in Parthenon, Arkansas. The lodge was built to carefully utilize as much of the natural cave formation as possible.

Beckham Creek Cave Lodge in Arkansas – Bedroom

The lodge worked really hard to keep the original cave aesthetic in place. The price to stay in this room during the slow season is around $1,200 but that price jumps up to $2,000 during peak moments of the year.

6. Cliff House in Australia – The Concept

While this house hasn’t yet been built, the concept put together by Modscape looks ready to rock and roll. This home is ultra sleek, ultra modern, and ultra intimidating to step foot in if you have a fear of heights.

Cliff House in Australia – Interior

The team at Modscape said that they were inspired by the way that barnacles would cling to the sides of a ship. The interior showcases floor to ceiling windows that would give quite the view.

5. Casa Del Ancantilado in Spain – Exterior

This home was built into the sides of a cliff in Salobrena, Spain. The home gives off a gorgeous 70’s vibe but it is the inside that really pulls you into the mood.

Casa Del Ancantilado in Spain – Interior

Here we see a masterful blend of nature and modern construction. Outside of the high windows we see a rooftop pool with a patio overlooking the lay of the land. The odd design of the home was made in order to keep temperatures decent during the hotter months, thus resulting in these odd shapes.

4. Green Magic Homes – Concept

We previously had mentioned the famous Hobbit houses and here is a riff off of their style. These are Green Magic homes and they are pre-built by the distributor. You can have your own home shipped to you for roughly $42 per square foot.

Green Magic Homes – Concept 2

These homes can be shipped anywhere in the world. You can either assemble them yourself or pay a contracting company to come in and finish the job.

3. Kayakapi Premium Caves in Turkey – Exterior

This gorgeous mansion is situated in the Cappadocia area of Turkey. Each segment of this giant building consists of a cave style room set within the scenic hills. You can rent a room here for $170 per night.

Kayakapi Premium Caves in Turkey – Interior

This sure beats having to share a swim at the communal pool. Within your room you will have your own private little pool.

Kayakapi Premium Caves in Turkey – Wide View

It’s hard to beat $170 a night at any nice hotel, much less one as nice and luxurious as this. Rentals can fill up during peak seasons so be sure to get your reservation in early.

2. Round Tower in Gloucestershire, England – The View

This elaborate home was designed by De Matos Ryan and built into a hill. We can see that they were inspired by old English architecture. The interior is what really will shock you.

Round Tower in Gloucestershire, England – Interior

The old English charm of the tower stays in tact with a delightful sunken courtyard. Here we can see several rooms that utilize natural lighting and open spacing in order to maximize their feel. In the distance you can see a swimming pool overlooking the nearby land.

1. Lava Cave in Santorini, Greece – The View

This home is available for rent on Air BnB for anyone in the Santorini area. The cost of the home is just under $350 per night and that price is extremely hard to beat in the area.

Lava Cave in Santorini, Greece – Jacuzzi

How would it feel to have your own private Jacuzzi with a view? This looks about the ultimate way that you could relax.

Lava Cave in Santorini, Greece – Interior

The cave house is small but you shouldn’t be spending too much of your time there, not with the grand views and the leisure accommodations that we have already shown off.













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